Culinary Center

Culinary Kitchen
One of the most exciting parts of our job is to work directly with our clients in creating unique end products. Chesapeake invites you to demonstrate spices and blends in our new state-of–the-art Culinary Center.

Our team provides a warm, professional atmosphere to handle all facets of the food industry. The Center is equipped with restaurant-grade appliances – such as Wood Stone, Vulcan, and Blodgett – that assist you in simulating all your production processes.

The kitchen enables you to apply our spices and seasonings to your base product, whether broiled, fried, baked, smoked or grilled. The center also is able to do marinades, sprays, sheeting, stuffing and Sous Vide, etc. It will meet all of your temperature requirements, whether your application is warm or cool. Let your creative juices flow!

Come cook with us and let Chesapeake take you on a culinary adventure!