About The Chesapeake Spice Company

The Chesapeake Spice Plant

How we do things is just as important as why we do them

Operating since 1987, Chesapeake Spice, a family-owned business, has flourished by advancing technology, hiring key personnel with industry knowledge and experience, and continually expanding and improving both manufacturing facilities which are located strategically on the east and west coasts.

The world is our marketplace and we travel the globe visiting spice farms, examining crops and establishing long-term relationships with farmers to procure the best raw materials available. Whether you are purchasing spices or seasoning blends, this direct sourcing gives us a distinct and competitive advantage that allows us total control in our process, from the fields to your finished products. Such control ensures a consistent and reliable supply chain, as well as the ability to gather valuable market information to share with you, our customers.

Chesapeake’s commitment to quality is relentless and extends beyond the Quality Team. Management promotes proactive Quality Assurance that empowers and encourages all employees to take ownership, ensuring a continuous improvement program. We participate in the Global Food Safety Initiative and are BRC-certified.

Chesapeake is proud and committed to offer exemplary customer service, with knowledge, experience and dedication to understand your needs. We offer rapid sample turnaround along with providing immediate response to your document requests. We cater to a diverse customer base where no project is too small and no order is too big.

Chesapeake Spice is rich with experience and knowledge, and that is a major part of what defines us as a company. We approach our business with excitement and enthusiasm and are proud of the products that we make and how we make them. We want to share our enthusiasm with you!