Spices & Herbs

The buyers at Chesapeake travel worldwide to personally meet with growers so as to assure the purchase of gourmet quality spices and herbs. This hands-on approach and personal relationships with farmers guarantee market knowledge allowing us to stay ahead of the curve with regards to competitive pricing and readily available material. This direct sourcing is the first step in maintaining total control of our process, from the field to the finished product.

All raw spices are cleaned and milled to meet your exact specifications.

AllspiceGround and Whole
Anise SeedGround and Whole
Basil LeafGround and Whole
Bay LeavesGround, Cracked and Whole
Black PepperGround and Whole
CarawayGround and Whole
CardamonGround and whole
Celery SeedGround and Whole
Chili PeppersGround Light, Medium and Dark
ClovesGround and Whole
CorianderGround and Whole
CuminGround and Whole
Dill SeedGround and Whole
DillweedGround and Whole
FennelGround, Cracked and Whole
FenugreekGround and Whole
Jalapeno PepperGround
MarjoramGround and Whole
Mustard, YellowGround and Whole
Oregano, MediterraneanGround and Whole
Oregano, MexicanGround and Whole
PaprikaGround, Various ASTAs
Red PepperGround, Various Scovilles
RosemaryGround, Cracked, and Whole
SageRubbed and Whole
SavoryGround and Whole
Sesame SeedWhole
TarragonGround and Whole
ThymeGround and Whole
White PepperGround